Frequently Asked Questions

How much?

This varies depending on the event, all quotes are individually tailored to your event after a consultation. Please request a quote for more information. I may not be the cheapest quote you will get, but I am far more experienced and reliable than your average “sixty quid sid” – As a general rule though, if its a pub/clubnight and no PA/Lighting equipment is needed (ie just turn up and play), then prices start from £150 for a single event, If a PA system is needed, then it all depends on the size of venue, but prices start from ~£225, and if a full setup (lights & PA) is needed then prices start from around £250. Discounts are available for multiple/regular bookings.

…But I know a guy who says he will DJ for £100, why are you so expensive?

I have many years of experience, including DJing in nightclubs as well as a large music collection that has been refined and added to over the years specifically for DJing, I know what songs will work on a dancefloor, and am able to read the crowd to keep a busy dancefloor.

On top of this, I have the appropriate insurance and yearly Safety Testing (PLI & PAT), regularly checked modern equipment as well as backup safeguards – if the laptop dies on me randomly (which hasn’t happened so far in nearly 10 years of DJing with a laptop) then I have backup equipment on hand, as well as backup cables should anything break on the night (not that it has!) – I was at a friend’s wedding a few years back, and the DJ they had booked had some of the oldest CD players i had ever seen! worse yet, the CD kept skipping whilst playing the first dance! – I always carry multiple copies of any important songs like this on multiple playback devices (yes, including an ipod!) as well as checking the track(s) prior to the event to ensure there are no problems with it, and that it is the correct version.

Also, I invest heavily in keeping my equipment serviced, modern (I now use nightclub-grade lighting for most events) and carry spares (bulbs, etc). Somebody who charges £100 (or less in some cases!) for an event probably can’t offer any of these kinds of safeguards and may just turn up with a couple of £30 disco lights from maplins, also, take into account things like transport costs – keeping a well maintained, reliable vehicle isnt cheap these days! Also, when spare bulbs cost upwards of £65 for the lights I use, you can see I’m using proper professional-grade equipment!

Finally, what happens when your £100 DJ gets a better paying offer for the same night? Can you guarantee he isnt just going to drop you in it at the last minute? i have NEVER missed a gig, or cancelled because a better booking came in. Once a deposit has been paid you can be sure i’m not going to cancel on you, or even worse, just not turn up!


I require a deposit of £50/£100 (depending on the event) upon booking and the balance is payable at least 5 working days before the event via cheque or BACS/bank transfer.

What music do you play?

This is completely up to you, I specialise in certain areas (see the music page), but can cover most genres to a good level. Request as little or as much as you like and I will work around your choices to ensure a fun night is had by all! for examples of my clubnight setlists (and other occasional gigs), wander over to http://poptunes.org

Do you use Strobes?

No. Unless you specifically request one, a strobe will not be used

Do you use a smoke machine?

Most venues do not allow the use of smoke/haze machines. However, if your venue allows it, using a hazer can make the lighting and lasers REALLY stand out! So, unless you specifically request one AND the venue explicitly allows haze, it will not be used. Haze machines very rarely set off smoke alarms (when compared with the much denser “smoke” machines), but most venue managers have a blanket ban on all types of smoke/haze. Please check with your venue manager if this is something you would like to have.

Some older machines use cracked oil to provide the effect and this leaves a residue. But modern haze machines use almost all water with a tiny amount of food grade glycol to produce a subtle haze. This is why not only do they not leave a residue but they are safer for asthma sufferers and also kinder to the environment

What is your equipment like?

Modern and powerful enough for most venue sizes and types, see the equipment page for more information. If you have specific requirements, or the venue is exceptionally large, then appropriate/additional equipment can be hired in.

Do you have PAT and PLI?

Yes, all kit is regularly PAT tested, and I have up to £10m Public Liability insurance. Click here to view confirmation. This is another reason to not go for the cheapest option – if something goes wrong, they are a lot less likely to have appropriate insurance.

How long does it take you to set up?

This depends on the venue, and how difficult it is to access the function room, but on average, this will be 45 minutes to an hour. If the venue is upstairs, or access is a distance from where the car can be parked to load in, then this could potentially be longer.

Do you take requests?

I actively encourage requests on the night, although where possible, please get any advance requests to me at least a week in advance to guarantee song availability, especially if it is more obscure in nature or not one of my specialist genres.

Can we carry on after the booked finish time?

This depends upon the premises management, but if you would like to carry on the party, I charge by the hour for additional time. Booking this additional time works out nearly 50% cheaper if you book the time in advance though!

How far do you travel?

Usually within ~30 miles of the Central Nottingham Area, but I can travel further depending on your requirements. Additional charges for extra transport or overnight accommodation may need to be factored into the price. Please contact me if you have any questions.