All spokes working together for a great hub

Who are we?

B'Spoke Coffee will be launched in 2017 at Heaton Chapel Train Station, Stockport.

Our aim is to provide fine speciality coffee and quality tea with ethical and ecological care and attention to detail from the point of growth to when we hand you the cup.

The Beans

The supplier of coffee is Heart and Graft based in Salford.
Their sourcing is exceptionally ethical, exceeding the Fairtrade standard.

Heart and Graft Coffee

The Tea

Tea is from Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Co. source all of their tea from Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) certified growers. ETP are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in tea production in developing countries. For more information

Brew Tea Company

Eco-friendly, Community Focused

We will be using compostable cups and give a meaningful discount to customers who use their own reusable cups - either KeepCup or EcoffeeCup.

We will promote sustainable transport working with council and station to get people walking/cycling to the station, avoiding the use of cars. In addition to the cycling services above, we will have a blog on sustainability in the coffee industry, which will become a resource for other coffee house both in Greater Manchester and hopefully further afield. We are actively working with Friends of Heaton Chapel Station ( and Sustainable Living in the Heatons (

Coffee For Meetings

We can provide fine quality single origin speciality filter coffee for your business / social gatherings, from 2-12 litres


There's a lot going on with coffee, and we'd like to share our knowledge to create better informed and discerning customers. We will provide training about how to make coffee more sustainable and ethical.

We currently offer coaching for individuals as well, looking at what goes into making a great cup of speciality coffee at home or at work (see flyer).

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